Imago is an Ajax Image Gallery with focus on simplicity and ease of use. It's plain JavaScript and build on the mature ajax library mootools. No server side scripting is required! Neither is flash. Whether your photos are on flickr, smugmug or you'd like to host them yourself, Imago can show them.


A WYSIWYG-Markdown editor

MatrixFSE/Gyounen - Fullscreen Editor for purists

MatrixFSE/Gyounen is a fullscreen editor for distraction-free editing of texts.

MooSmug - Javascript access for SmugMug

MooSmug is a simple way to access SmugMug WITHOUT any server side scripting.


pySVG - creating svg with python


A python module for working with the mochi ads api

Rabid Ratings for Django

A django backend for Rabid Ratings

Sumosaru script

A flash game portal using python and wsgi.

Website builder

Our Website Builder is a simple tool that lets you build your website from simple templates and keep the contents in markdown text.

Colourlovers Favoured Palettes Downloader

Tools for downloading your favorite palettes (the zip) from colourlovers.