Colourlovers Palette Downloader

Last Update: 20.12.2012. By azarai in python | tools

I like Colourlovers and frequently use it. But one thing that really bugged me all the time was that i could not download all color palettes i’ve ever favoured. Nothing in the UI, not even through the api. At least one could find them again with the search. But to click on each of my favorites palettes and than on the download link was to tedious…

Luckily some spare time resulted in the Colourlovers Favoured Palettes Downloader (Requires URLLib3).

python <username> <password>

The Zipfiles of each of your favoured palettes are downloaded in the current folder.

Tested with python 3.3 on Windows 7.

Use github for bug reports and any other issue.

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