Deploying a Spring Boot Application to IBM Bluemix

Last Update: 19.06.2017. By Jens in Spring Boot

This post is the first part of a series of how to deploy a Spring Boot application to the cloud. We’ll start with IBM Bluemix.

Detecting a Mobile Device with Spring Boot

Last Update: 15.06.2017. By Jens in Spring Boot | Spring MVC

Detecting mobiles is straight forward with Spring Boot when you know there’s a secret module that does the heavy lifting: Spring Mobile.

How to Create Your Own Starter for Spring Boot

Last Update: 24.05.2017. By Jens in Spring Boot

Spring Boot provides a good set of starters for the popular open source frameworks used in modern Spring applications. However, it is not limited to that, and we are not at the mercy of the Spring Boot gods. We can create our own starters.

Uploading a File(s) with Spring MVC and Spring Boot

Last Update: 23.05.2017. By Jens in Spring Boot | Spring MVC

Uploading a file with Spring MVC is pretty easy, and it gets even easier when running in Spring Boot. However, it’s one of the tasks a developer does once in a while and therefore is pretty easy to forget. The page is a reminder for all of us.

Add Custom Information to Spring Boot Info Actuator

Last Update: 10.05.2017. By Jens in Spring Boot

The Spring Boot Actuators are a big helper and time saver when you bring your application into production. They expose different types of information, like health, metrics, dump, info, etc. out of the box and you can even expose your informations via well-defined interfaces.

How to Handle Java 8 Dates and Time with Jackson in Spring Boot (JSR-310)

Last Update: 04.05.2017. By Jens in Spring Boot | Spring MVC

When you are starting a new Spring Boot application today, you will probably want to use Java 8. However, it still can be tricky with certain frameworks when using new features like the Date and Time API (known as JSR-310).

How to return XML in Spring MVC Rest APIs

Last Update: 24.04.2017. By Jens in Spring Boot | Spring MVC

Sometimes you still need to return XML in your Rest API for various reasons. When you build your API with Spring Boot and Spring MVC, it is a simple, easy task.