Last Update: 29.09.2009. By kerim in pysvg | python

I just updated pySVG to 0.2.0 skipping some four 0.0.1s in the process. Go and grab it either as zip directly or take a look at the current repository.

I rewrote most of the class hierarchy, using multiple inheritance were possible. Unfortunately epidoc does not support multiple inheritance. This results in the html documentation being rather poor for all elements that have more than one class they inherit from. Not a single member of any superclass is then shown in the api doc. (sighs)

If anyone knows of a python documentation system that handles this case better please do email me.

For those that want to get a hint at what you can do, here is my favorite example (sent in a while ago by a user). Expected result code:

# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
from pysvg.structure import *
from pysvg.shape import *
import math
def testSpiral():
  mySVG = svg("a spiral")
  for i in range(1, 200):
    x = 2 * i * math.cos(2 * math.pi * i / 40.5) + 450
    y = 2 * i * math.sin(2 * math.pi * i / 40.5) + 450
    c = circle(x, y, 0.2 * i)
    fill = 'none'
    strokewidth = 5 
    stroke = 'rgb(%s,%s,%s)' % (i, 200 - i, i * (200 - i) / 50)
    myStyle = 'fill:%s;stroke-width:%s; stroke:%s' % (fill, strokewidth, stroke)
if __name__ == '__main__': 

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