Clean Up Your HDD (HDDCleaner preliminary final version)

27.12.2006 by kerim in hddcleaner | python

This will be my "preliminary final" version of HDDCleaner.

Over the last few days i tried to implement some new functionality into it and finally realized that the outcome wouldnt fit to the original purpose of the program. So i picked the version from

Clean Up Your HDD (source)

22.12.2006 by kerim in hddcleaner | python

I had the time do rework my hddcleaner a bit.
It's now ready to be shown.

Performance has increased dramatically.
Scanning my c and d drives and displaying the results on windows xp using python 2.5 takes now only around 31 seconds.
Memory usage for t

Clean Up Your HDD (Java version)

14.12.2006 by kerim in hddcleaner | java

A collegue of mine - Axel Sammet - took the time to implement my small clean up tool in Java. Performance is faster, i like his GUI (using a table) a bit better. If you have a problem running it try -Xmx128M for increaed heap size. Here however

Clean Up your HDD (GUI)

09.12.2006 by kerim in gui | hddcleaner | python

I finished a small prototype with an "acceptable" GUI.
The functionality for going through the disk(s) and sorting all files according to size was already nearly finished last time.

So i more or less only had to add a way to represent the results in a G

Clean Up Your HDD (Start)

05.12.2006 by kerim in hddcleaner | python

As mentioned here i will implement a small program sorting the files of any given list of directories according to size, present that visually and offer you a button to delete selected files.

Why ?

Because I need it myself anyway and because it's a ni