Game Development Resources - Part 3: Content - 3D Models and Textures

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Now you got your terrain and can probably already walk on it, buts boring. There isn’t anything your your wide world. You need the famous content, specially 3D models and textures. Stuff you see and can interact with. Thats a hard point for the normal average coder and much will struggle. You will either need an artistic “talent” and are willing to learn the tools or have some artist which do the work. Dont underestimate this point. Spend money or model yourself and look for supporting artist later when your almost finish with game handling.

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3D Modeler and Animation Tools
There are 2 good list at wikipedia (1, 2 ) and at gamedev. You can also take a look at 3dlinks. As last time, i’ll keep the list to tools we’ve tried out.

  • Hexagon : Pure modeler with support of painting on the 3d model. Short after the Eovia takeover Daz3d did sell it for 1.99$ (plus Platinum membership for 1 month). Thats why both of us have a license. Anyways its pretty cool and worth its todays price. Even Kerim did understand it.
  • Blender : Most powerfull open source all round 3D tool. If you can stand the UI and get used to its great. It wasnt for me :-)
  • Wings3D : Nice and simple subdivision organic modeler (pure; no animation)
  • Milkshape3D : Commercial low polygon modeler with support of Joint animation and import/exports for many 3d and game file formats, worth the price
  • CBModel Pro ( : new modeler with open beta, didn't look long into it
  • MoI : targeted at artist and a more simple UI without distraction
  • Silo : Its the only modeler i did NOT test, but found alot of recommondations in various forums. Is specialized at organic modeling and affordable, i'll take a look at it later

Side note
Its a summary of some tools i tested and not meant as a comparison at all. I am a coder with interests in art and a 3D beginner. IMHO one can model with all of those tools, basically it comes to the point of Look and Feel of the modeling tool. If the UI and the design workflow is fine for you, go ahead and use the tool. Don’t look at others as long as you can solve your tasks.

Free or buyable Content
Sure theres a third option, look for free or buyable content you can use. But keep careful track of the various licenses. Here are so point you might find stuff you can need:

Content from Daz3D, TurboSquid and alike is not suitable for 3D game creation. First is 3D game use mostly prohibited by license (redistibuting the model) and second the models are all high poly. BTW if you are making a 2D game you can use this stuff, cuz your renders are yours :-)

Texture Creation
These tools are specialized on texture creation, sure you can do the same with Photoshop and Co.

  • MapZone Editor : Free, procedural texture creator with a graph based system. Has a steep leraning curve, but nice results. They offer a commercial api, so you can use the procedural texture directly in your app, without going via bitmap files.

  • Genetica Seamless Texture Generator : Commercial, seamless texture Generator, Offers a free Viewer and some Texture Packs. Also a special Version for Wood creation is available for free.

  • Seamless Texture Generator : Create seamless textures of your images, easy to use and the price is ok

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