Moved code to google

08.04.2007 by kerim in matrix | python

Hi everybody,
Azarai has some problems with his new hoster, mainly the problem that he only as one ftp account.
This causes me a lot of trouble since i can't easily upload new releases (if there are any at all).

There are also some other drawbacks.
So i

Matrix 0.4b is ready (almost) ;-)

07.03.2007 by kerim in matrix | python

Thanks to Azarai's wonderful migration to a new host i can't upload my new Matrix code here but i already uploaded it to google code at least.

I released a new Version (0.4b). The version includes a workaround for the Linux and Mac OS issues.
So you wi

Matrix 0.4 is out

30.01.2007 by kerim in matrix | python

Another day, another release.
This time i included find (ctrl-f) and replace (ctrl-r).
I didnt have time to test it really and i EXPECT (a few) bugs in those two functions.
Chances are that some things are annoying (search forward, then backward will fir

Matrix updated

17.01.2007 by kerim in matrix | python

We have version 0.3 out now.
And a new Homepage for Matrix as well located here.
Sources are available.

Matrix - Fullscreen Editor for purists UPDATED

17.12.2006 by kerim in matrix | python

I updated my editor to version 0.2

The textarea is now in between two panels. (size is fixed at 800 pixels for now)
The font has a default of 12 points, the color is greenish.
I use a configuration file now instead of hardcoded sizes and colors.


Matrix - Fullscreen Editor for purists

14.12.2006 by kerim in matrix | python

Matrix has its own page now ! Please use this page here for comments. Otherwise you might directly go here.
The text in this entry is outdated !

Current Version (january 30th 2007): 0.4

(original size 1400x1050 (just right click and select "sho