Starting a code snipplet series

18.01.2007 by kerim in python

I think i will start a small series with python code snipplets for tasks that i had to look for a solution myself. Spares me (and probably some others) the time to search for them.

Perhaps once a week some code with less than 100 (mostly less than 10) l

Matrix updated

17.01.2007 by kerim in matrix | python

We have version 0.3 out now.
And a new Homepage for Matrix as well located here.
Sources are available.

Feeds and python - Found a good feed aggregator

10.01.2007 by azarai in python

Look no further, i found a wonderful feed aggregator written in python and really cool also using django and the same feed parser as i used earlier: Feedjack Bet i am not going to implement my own, just take a look at their examples, impressing. I am go

GUI for PPython?

06.01.2007 by azarai in gui | python

Hey all,

i opened a poll for Kerims PPython (see sidebar). Would you like a GUI or is commandline just fine for the tool?

Go and vote!

SpreadProductXHMTLProducer continued

27.12.2006 by azarai in python | spreadshirt

Lately i've been playing a bit around with the spreadshirt webservice. We wanted a navigation based on the desings and automation of reoccuring tasks is so wonderfull. So i had a look in the rss feed and didnt find any usefull infos. The only other ways t

Clean Up Your HDD (HDDCleaner preliminary final version)

27.12.2006 by kerim in hddcleaner | python

This will be my "preliminary final" version of HDDCleaner.

Over the last few days i tried to implement some new functionality into it and finally realized that the outcome wouldnt fit to the original purpose of the program. So i picked the version from

Clean Up Your HDD (source)

22.12.2006 by kerim in hddcleaner | python

I had the time do rework my hddcleaner a bit.
It's now ready to be shown.

Performance has increased dramatically.
Scanning my c and d drives and displaying the results on windows xp using python 2.5 takes now only around 31 seconds.
Memory usage for t

Moviegrabbing with PPython: How Did You Do that ?

20.12.2006 by kerim in python

Now for those that are interested in HOW I did it. It's actually pretty simple.

First of all pick a site that you want to download content from. I look around but since as said earlier i didnt find many "normal" ones i have choosen
Two rea

Matrix - Fullscreen Editor for purists UPDATED

17.12.2006 by kerim in matrix | python

I updated my editor to version 0.2

The textarea is now in between two panels. (size is fixed at 800 pixels for now)
The font has a default of 12 points, the color is greenish.
I use a configuration file now instead of hardcoded sizes and colors.


Feeds, python and the creation of tool continued - Release 0.2

17.12.2006 by azarai in python | spreadshirt

Last update: 16.04.2009 removed link to online version and fixed other links

As promised earlier, here is a new version of the tool. I updated the online version (offline) and as download from old download site.

What changed?
i cleaned up the templates