2D Game Engines for Python

01.02.2008 by azarai in game-development | pygame | python

Update: I posted a more extended list of python game and rendering engines.

I was searching for infos on how to do 2D game stuff with python and decided to blog about what i found so far. Maybe it's useful for others :-) Be aware that this is no indeep re

Markie - A Simple Markdown Editor

31.01.2008 by kerim in python | tools

Ever since Azarai switched to Django and Markdown i spent too much time trying to make a blog entry look nice. I don't know why but id definetly is too much for me type in some syntax, save and then have to refresh a browserview.

So ... as usual .. the la

Creating SVG with python

30.01.2008 by kerim in pysvg | python

pySVG is a pure Python library to create SVG documents. I originally created it to have a generic graphics format supported in my (still unfinished) natural library.

I just made a small release (0.1.0) for the public. Feel free to test and give me feedbac

Consolidating files through recursive copy

27.01.2008 by kerim in python

Since I started on a proposal for a new customer it really has been one of the most annoying tasks to keep up with his documents. Every week there are around 200 MB to 1 GB of files and although the customer may think that his hirarchy of directories is f

MCTU - Testing (TFT)-Monitors for defect (sub)pixels

16.01.2008 by kerim in python

Topic: Using python to determine (sub-)pixel errors in TFT monitors.

Buying tft monitors can be a very frustrating task. Most products adhere to the so called "class II". There is a specification (ISO 13406-2) which tells us the amount of defects permissa

Website Builder - The Beginning

10.01.2008 by azarai in python | tools

Some time ago i started thinking of building a better tools page for Imago. One of my requirements was that it had to be a plain static xhtml site, no dynamic generation on request. It's the most frequented page here, so i'd prefer a simple static site. B

Matrix aka Gyounen updated

04.01.2008 by kerim in python

Gyonen aka Matrix got a small update here.

New :

Now encoding is per default in utf8 so some problems during saving should be gone now. Tested it shortly using japanese, english, german and arabic. Mind that writing is still from left to right !

Also i i

Lindenmayer Systems using Python

21.12.2007 by kerim in natural | python

A few days ago i posted some code to create screens with stars and galaxies. Today i introduce a new part usable for creating Lindenmayer Systems.

Here the rendering of a penrose tiling using my module:

Just a short introduction:

A Lindenmayer System i

Starfields and Galaxies with Python

19.12.2007 by kerim in natural | pygame | python | tutorial

A long time ago i spend a lot of my resources programming fractals and "natural" phenomenons. Since my last adventure with pygame i was playing around with the idea of implementing some algorithms of old times in python anew and use pygame to test them. A

ImageResize on the web using cherrypy

07.12.2007 by kerim in python

The idea:
A simple webbased application that will resize any image of yours immediately and give it back to you.

The goal is to have a simple form that will ask for a file to upload, the new size and the question if the aspect ratio should be preserved.