Starfields and Galaxies with Python

19.12.2007 by kerim in natural | pygame | python | tutorial

A long time ago i spend a lot of my resources programming fractals and "natural" phenomenons. Since my last adventure with pygame i was playing around with the idea of implementing some algorithms of old times in python anew and use pygame to test them. A

MailSneaker - Part 4: small snipplets to wrap things up

07.03.2007 by kerim in python | tutorial

MailSneaker Part 4: Wrapping it up the simple way

In the last three sessions we made some mailfetchers for pop and imap accounts (session 1 and session 2) and created a small app with a systemtray-/taskbaricon (session 3).
What we need now is a simple w

MailSneaker - Part 2: POPing and pickling !

23.01.2007 by kerim in python | tutorial

Ok .. last time we made a small imap fetcher.
I got some remarks that it would only look in the INBOX and that might not be what we want.
Just include a new parameter in the fetch method with the name of the inbox you want to scan and pass that on to the

MailSneaker - Building a mail account watcher !

21.01.2007 by kerim in python | tutorial

We are going to buid a small program to check periodically for our mails. And to make it as unobtrusive as possible we let it settle in the taskbar, check for mails and (if there are new mails) it will tell us with a small popup or a change in the icon in