Imago now with AGPL

17.02.2011 by azarai in imago

Even my previous plans with imago didn't work out i still did the step and released it under the AGPL and also offer a commercial license in case the AGPL isn't applicable for you. The terms of use of the previous 08 and 07 versions are not affected and y

The future of Imago

01.05.2010 by azarai in ajax | imago

If you are a user of Imago you might already noticed that there hasn't been a new release for some month now. Frankly i do not spend much time improving it, neither do i really have the motivation. On the other site i've been thinking for while what i sho

Imago - Release v0.8

02.01.2010 by azarai in ajax | imago

As mentioned earlier i present today Imago version 0.8 and also the updated Imago JAlbum skin.


  • refactored xhtml structure;all generated xhtml, except the thumbs table, was removed in javascript and can now be specified in your xhtml file
  • updat

Upcoming release of Imago v08

27.12.2009 by azarai in ajax | imago

I did redesign my photo gallery some time ago and therefor did refactore Imago - An AJAX Image gallery.


  • refactored xhtml structure;all generated xhtml, except the thumbs table, was removed in javascript and can now be specified in your xhtml

Review: Picoplog - A php Photoblog

18.05.2008 by azarai in imago | resource-tip | review

Lately i got the idea of running a photoblog and was searching for an easy and simple solution with no complicated setup and a strong focus on the photo itself. And even to my own surprise i did find a great one, Picoplog.

But lets see what they say abou

Imago Gallery running on Adobe AIR now

30.12.2007 by azarai in adobe-air | ajax | imago

Imago runs on Adobe AIR now. You can now enjoy your galleries offline, too. If your impatient check out the screenshot and download ImagoOnAIR alpha version and the Adobe AIR runtime, if you don't have it already installed.

ImagoOnAIR Screenshot

What’s Adobe AIR?

Adobe AIR

Imago - An Ajax Image Gallery - New supporting Tool

14.07.2007 by azarai in ajax | imago | tools

Recently i had the need of just putting the images in one directory into a Imago Image Gallery without using Picasa and caring about an image title. As i am a new fan of python, i hacked a script together that does the job. The script can be downloaded :D

Imago Exporter for Picasa available

11.04.2007 by azarai in ajax | imago

As i am using it myself, i thought it could be useful for others. If your using picasa and imago, just grap the download and unpack the web template in (picasa inst)\web\templates , (re)start Picasa and use the new exporter.

Where to get?
download Imag

Ajax Image Gallery - Imago - first public version

02.02.2007 by azarai in ajax | imago

Update: This version is outdated. For latest news and releases check imago product page.

Thought i did forget it, didnt you? Ok it took some time, but no way i am forgetting this. As promised in Image Gallery with Ajax i cleaned up the code and release no

Image Gallery with Ajax

07.01.2007 by azarai in ajax | imago

a new version is available Imago Release 03

The redesign for my gf's shop (the german one) is done and you can now order prints of some pictures. So i looked for a nice gallery script out there, found enough, but was not quite satiesf