Easy Pagination With Spring Data and MVC

31.08.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Spring Data | Spring MVC

In this tutorial, I show you an easy way for handling pagination when you use Spring Data and Spring MVC in your application you might not be aware of.

What is Spring Data actually?

28.08.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Spring Data

In my Spring Boot workshop last week one of the participants asked me to clarify what Spring Data actually is. He came from a different background and was confused how Spring Data, JPA, Hibernate and NoSQL relate and what role Spring Data plays. Indeed, if you switch contexts, it may look strange at first. However, it is not, and I write today the same I answered in the workshop.

How to Use Basic Auditing with Spring Data

03.08.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Spring Data

One of the many things Spring Data offers is a basic auditing functionality. It is great if you only need to track who made changes to your model and when. So, let’s stop the talking and dive into it.

How to Use MongoDB with Spring Boot and Spring Data

02.08.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Spring Data

Working with Spring Data has the huge benefit that you work with a common interface regardless of the underlying storage medium. Yet, it’s still transparent enough. In today’s tutorial, we will use it with a MongoDB.

Expose Your Spring Data Repositories as a REST API

01.08.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Spring Data

There’s an easy way to build a REST API for your Spring Data repositories instantly. It doesn’t matter if you are using JPA, MongoDB or any of the other stores available with Spring Data. Spring Data REST is the little helper. In this tutorial, we will take a closer look at how you can use it.

Review: Python Hunting Book

28.07.2017 by Jens in Developers Life | Learning | python | pygame

I recently stumbled up on a book about game programming with PyGame for beginners. Even I am not the target audience it did catch my attention and my desire to play a bit again with game development and Python. And I had a fantastic time so far :-)

Why You Should Think Twice Before Even Considering Polyglot Microservices

22.07.2017 by Jens in Developers Life | Learning

Microservices can be a good solution for a particular problem. But, sometimes they are not a good fit. One of the aspects involved is that developers praise the benefit that you can develop every service in your landscape in a perfectly fitting tech stack for a given problem. Honestly, this can become your worst nightmare, so I will cover why you should think twice about this before going that route.

Is Spring Boot for Microservices only?

12.07.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot

Last week I was chatting with a friend and he told me how lucky he is that a part of their system moved to using Spring Boot. It made his life easier with development and testing. He actually loved writing tests now. However, one of his colleagues did question the decision to go with Spring Boot because Spring Boot is meant to be used with Docker and for microservices only. I was baffled but it seems there’s a lot of confusion what Spring Boot actually is and when to use it. This article does shed some light on it.

How Minimalism can Help You to Bootstrap Your Own Business

28.06.2017 by Jens in Developers Life | Learning

It’s been now a few months that I quit my job and went on doing my own business. It’s tough so and totally different than being an employee. But, that’s not the topic for today. Today, I’ll show you what helped me the most with starting and going on my journey.

Deploying a Spring Boot Application to Heroku

27.06.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot

This post is the second part of a series of how to deploy a Spring Boot application to the cloud. We’ll deploy to Heroku today.