Animating a Scene with pyglet - first version

28.11.2009 by azarai in pyglet | python

Some time after i wrote (Rendering particles in realtime with py-lepton)[ "Rendering particles in realtime with py-lepton"], i got the idea of creating an animated scene with "flowers fall

The beauty of simple things

08.11.2009 by kerim

What can I say?

Sometimes I just love being childish :-)

Effect Animation with Pyglet next round

17.10.2009 by azarai in game-development | pyglet | python

I did enhance my little effect animation demo and added a little utility that will make life much easier for converting LexusX particle animations to real transparent pngs too.


w : switch background to white
b : switch background to black

Installing python on demand? (Windows)

02.10.2009 by kerim in autoinstall | python

After the discussion here, i just spent some hour thinking about an initial (first, rudimentary, basic, not satisfying, almost bad) solution for the problem (that works only for windows) on how to deal with python code that should run on a system that has


29.09.2009 by kerim in pysvg | python

I just updated pySVG to 0.2.0 skipping some four 0.0.1s in the process. Go and grab it either as zip directly or take a look at the current repository.

I rewrote most of the class hierarchy, using multiple inheritance were possible. Unfortunately epidoc d

How python deployment wouldn't have to suck

29.09.2009 by kerim in python

Today i read a post on why python deployment sucks. Reading through it i had to agree very often. I think nothing that is mentioned in that post is actually new or hasn't been "thought" about by most. Well at least i have thought about it several times in

Rendering particles in realtime with py-lepton

24.09.2009 by azarai in game-development | pyglet | python

Last time i made a small demo using prerendered particle effects. Today i'll show another way of doing particle effects with python and pyglet. Instead of animating prerendered graphics i am going to use a particle system to create effects in realtime. Th

Multiple inheritance is GOOD

23.09.2009 by kerim in python

A long, long time ago someone told me that multiple inheritence is a very bad, bad thing.

Now suppose you have a class that has a set of attributes A and you have one that has a set of attributes B. A third class has A and B, a fourth has A and D, a fift

Effect Animation with Pyglet

20.09.2009 by azarai in game-development | pyglet | python

While browsing through deviantart i run across some nice prerendered particle effects. The effects are made for RPG Maker VX and cover mostly some kind of magic spells. Game use is allowed. So we got effect animations, pyglet and some spare time. Let the

Accessing Jira with Python using suds

11.09.2009 by azarai in python

We are using Jira as an Issue and Bug tracker at work. Lately we had the need to access it from external systems. Luckily Jira itself does provide a remote API in form of XML-RPC and SOAP. And i did not have any language constraints, so i could use python