Free books on Python programming

09.04.2010 by kerim in python | resource-tip

Occationally Stumple Upon gives me nice pages that i didn't know anything about before.

By chance i was sent to this site which contains (amongst others) free python books.

It's generally a good link list to all kinds of programming language books, but i

pySVG meets Trundle, the turtle

28.02.2010 by kerim in natural | pysvg | python

My python pySVG just got a mate named Trundle the turtle (named after a turtle in my kids english school book). For a while now I haven't coded much for pySVG. I had a lot of requests and emails though and one of those involves resurrecting parts of my ol

Fun with colors or making art with python

24.01.2010 by azarai in python

Some time ago while going to work one of those silly ideas sneaked into my mind. I started wondering how it would look like if i take a picture, grayscale it and replace ranges of gray with a color. I'd image something like popart, you know. But i got mor

Finding empty directories

17.01.2010 by kerim in python | snipplet

I know it sounds trivial but as usual the trivial things are those that are most annoying. Running through the harddrive of my notebook i came accross way to much garbage manifesting itself through empty directories.

After some 30 minutes of "search and

List of 2D Map Editors

09.01.2010 by azarai in game-development | python

From time to time i stumble across map editors for 2D games, sometimes useable, sometimes just demos and of course the occasional jewel. I finally decided to maintain a list post of my findings.

  • GLEED2D Non tilebased map editor; Win only, requires XNA 3.

Imago - Release v0.8

02.01.2010 by azarai in ajax | imago

As mentioned earlier i present today Imago version 0.8 and also the updated Imago JAlbum skin.


  • refactored xhtml structure;all generated xhtml, except the thumbs table, was removed in javascript and can now be specified in your xhtml file
  • updat

Upcoming release of Imago v08

27.12.2009 by azarai in ajax | imago

I did redesign my photo gallery some time ago and therefor did refactore Imago - An AJAX Image gallery.


  • refactored xhtml structure;all generated xhtml, except the thumbs table, was removed in javascript and can now be specified in your xhtml

Using Mochi API with python

27.12.2009 by azarai in python

For a new project of mine i needed to get the game data from mochimedia. As they provide an useful api i searched for an existing and easy to use solution, but besides django-arcade, a full arcade site, i didn't find anything. As the design of django arca

Animating a Scene with pyglet - second version

01.12.2009 by azarai in pyglet | python

In Animating a Scene with pyglet - first version i said my wind effect did not look natural. Luckily Casey Duncan, the developer of [py-lepton] ( "link to py-lepton site"), dropped in and gave me the tip to use the drag

Moosmug - New Version

30.11.2009 by azarai in ajax | tools

Just a short notice that i updated my Moosmug - Javascript Access to Smugmug for usage with mootools 1.2.x. The older version for mootools 1.11 stays online too.