Drives and python

04.12.2006 by kerim in python

How would you scan all drives for files ? Any unix system has an advantage here .... it starts with "\". We simply don't care for drives there. But what do you do if you have windows ?

#!/usr/bin/env python  
# -*- coding: latin-1 -*-  
import sys, os  

Feeds and python II

28.11.2006 by azarai in python | snipplet

i've got some time to continue my python and feed example

MyFeedsConfig.feeds contains a list of feed urls and we just try to receive, aggreate and sort them. pretty self explaining. The article class is also one of ours and does only contain some attri

Script Jamendo Torrent to my Music collection structure

24.11.2006 by azarai in python

The python script i posted at the Jamendo forum can be found here :

By the way a great music site :-)

Summary of what the script does:

I have a different filestructure of my music collection then the jamendo torrent download, so i wro

Feeds and Java

18.11.2006 by azarai in java

my contribution at now here:

Since i got impressed how simple this was in python (thanks for this wonderful module), i got curious if there are libs in java and how simple they are. I found rome and commons feedparser (dont

Feeds and tools to read them

16.11.2006 by azarai in python

my contribution at now here:

I guess everyone knows these wonderful feeds and the most used standards atom and rss. Reading them is nowadays really simple, cuz we don't need to concentrate on parsing. There are a lot of lib