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Last Update: 15.02.2007. By kerim in python

Azarai insists on having a tinnitus. He laments so much i already thought about implementing a small sound program for him to check his ears :-)
I was surprised to see some 10 subscribers here this week.
Sad that nobody takes the time to offer a comment. Would help me to decide what to do next.


Last Update: 15.02.2007. By kerim in python

Last Update: 2007-03-01 (fixed download links)

Ajax Image Gallery - Imago - first public version

Last Update: 02.02.2007. By azarai in Javascript | imago

Update: This version is outdated. For latest news and releases check imago product page.

Matrix 0.4 is out

Last Update: 30.01.2007. By kerim in matrix | python

Another day, another release.
This time i included find (ctrl-f) and replace (ctrl-r).
I didnt have time to test it really and i EXPECT (a few) bugs in those two functions.
Chances are that some things are annoying (search forward, then backward will first give you the last hit again for example).

MailSneaker - Part 3 SystemTray/TaskBar-Icons with Python and wxPython

Last Update: 26.01.2007. By kerim in python | tutorial

Welcome to part 3 of the mailsneaker series.
This entry is UNRELATED to the code of the former two parts !
You can use it seperately.
Today we are going to implement a SystemTrayIcon with a small and nice menu.
Ok, it’s actually NOT called SystemTray. But everybody calls it that way.
We can also say TaskBarIcon although in my view that naming is even more horrible than the other.

MailSneaker - Part 2: POPing and pickling !

Last Update: 23.01.2007. By kerim in python | tutorial

Ok .. last time we made a small imap fetcher.
I got some remarks that it would only look in the INBOX and that might not be what we want.
Just include a new parameter in the fetch method with the name of the inbox you want to scan and pass that on to the imaplib.
Today we will add a pop3 fetcher and a generic class for mailaccounts so that the user later can run the program against several accounts.

MailSneaker - Building a mail account watcher !

Last Update: 21.01.2007. By kerim in python | tutorial

We are going to buid a small program to check periodically for our mails. And to make it as unobtrusive as possible we let it settle in the taskbar, check for mails and (if there are new mails) it will tell us with a small popup or a change in the icon in the taskbar. We want to be able to open a browser then and have a look at the mails.. Perhaps we include a small preview of the mails … We will see.
To make it a little bit more powerfull we want several accounts to be checked. Configurable of course :)

SpreadProductXHMTLProducer using Webservice now

Last Update: 20.01.2007. By azarai in python | spreadshirt

I dropped the rss feed usage finally and switched to the webservice spreadshirt is offering. For an introduction on using it with python and SOAPPy see my earlier post.

Starting a code snipplet series

Last Update: 18.01.2007. By kerim in python

I think i will start a small series with python code snipplets for tasks that i had to look for a solution myself. Spares me (and probably some others) the time to search for them.

Matrix updated

Last Update: 17.01.2007. By kerim in matrix | python

We have version 0.3 out now.
And a new Homepage for Matrix as well located here.
Sources are available.