Think like a startup

Last Update: 17.08.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

I think there are many parallels between a startup and a single dev career. We can learn a lot from the startup world and apply it to our own business or career. Take the first step every startup takes. Choosing an audience. The audience is the people actually buy from the startup. Replace buy now with hiring you and you got the career equivalent.

Programming sucks, I quit

Last Update: 15.08.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

Sick of deadlines? Sick of project managers, boss, customers or whatever? Coding was once a dream of yours and now it drags you down. Each time you even think about it? Dreading Mondays? Thinking, why am I doing this shit?

Devs are like moths...

Last Update: 14.08.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

Somehow complexity attracts devs like light attracts moths. They can’t resist, we can’t resist.

Don't neglect the basics

Last Update: 13.08.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

I was giving a Spring Boot training last week and during the course, I made some observations, which I like to share with you over this week.

Nothing runs as planned and why you should have a plan anyways

Last Update: 06.08.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

Plans never work out.

How to implement custom parameter mapping in Spring MVC

Last Update: 06.08.2018. By codeboje in Spring MVC | Spring Boot

In this tutorial, we will discuss HandlerMethodArgumentResolver which is being used to resolve the arguments of the public MVC methods (handler methods). To understand this feature in depth, we will look at different out of the box method argument resolvers and how we can a write custom argument resolver. We will take an example of resolving the hostname (domain) of the server.

Passion clouds rational

Last Update: 18.07.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

Let’s take the neverending discussion of testing vs no testing.

Why people pay you

Last Update: 17.07.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

Yeah, for your passion of course.

Passion about unit testing is worthless

Last Update: 16.07.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

I’m having a problem with this passion word and thing for a long time. Passion is bullshit. I read it again a few minutes earlier where a fellow dev proudly states he’s passionate about unit testing. Yeah, I am passionate about hammers too. And chainsaws. Especially last Friday (13th).

Some gems for you

Last Update: 12.07.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

I’ve recently listened to the Freelance Transformation Podcast Episode with Alan Weiss and I think there are some gems in it even when you are an employed dev.
Don’t let names or his books fool you into thinking it doesn’t apply to you. Yes, it is focused on consulting and self-employed people. But in today’s crowed dev world (and stupid interview processes), it will help you too to tune out from the typical dev point of view.